Affordable Employee Benefits They Actually Want!

Fight COVID - Touchless Operation

Easy-to-clean screen designed to minimize transmission. NEW APP COMING SOON.


Lowest Cost

Typically 30% Less Than Keurig


Increase Productivity

Makes the same drinks as a regular coffee shop. Keep your employees working. No more trips to Starbucks!


Better Employee Retention

Employees, especially Millennials, love specialty drinks and see this as a real benefit to employment. 


Eliminate Theft

All products are sold in bulk and are locked in the machine. No more K-Cups finding legs.

Touchless App Coming Soon!

Free Advertising

Be in front of your customer or employee. This machine has a large screen that allows you to put your own custom message on it. In fact, you can change it as often as you like.

Very Clean

This machine self cleans once per week and has very low maintenance. Just fill it every other day and let it go. 100% Compostable. Just coffee beans...that's it.

Clean design that minimalizes routine cleaning!

Direct Brew

No Paper!