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Lamberts AirPots on LocationLambert Coffee is an importer and roaster of over 100 commercial grade and specialty grade coffees. We serve customers in the Office Coffee, Food Service, Restaurant, and Convenience store.
Our company was founded by Bill Lambert in 1971. He was dedicated to building his company based on customer service. He would often say around the office “We are selling happiness”. He believed that “happiness” was the basis for customer service.

This “Happiness Goal” led us to our core mission statements which are: We will provide happiness by: Anticipating Customer’s Needs, Exceeding Expectations, Improving each customer on every visit, and Get it right. Right Now!
This means that if our customer has a need we will get it and if they have a problem we will make it right.

Office Systems

Lamberts AirPotsLambert’s Coffee Service knows how important your employees are to the success of your business. We believe happy employees are better for everyone but sometimes it is difficult to balance quality with cost. For this reason Lambert’s prides itself in being able to developed custom system to fit the specific needs of your business.

Weather you have issues with: Quality, Variety, volume, Safety, or cost, Lamberts can build you a system that will fulfill your needs.

Furthermore; we are a full service operator, offering over 100 products to keep you employees at work and eliminating the need to go to the local store. And to go one step further; if there is a special product you need… we will get it. Our customers come first.

What makes us different?

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