Water Service

Lambert’s Water Service

Lambert’s Water service delivers 5 gallon bottle water to area factories and businesses. We feature: Spill Proof Caps, Easy Lifting Handles, and Sanitary Caps

Glacier water source water comes from MLGW who draws from the largest pure water aquifers in the world. The unique combination of sand and stone which is located up to 2,500 ft. below the surface naturally purifies and filters. This creates the freshest tasting purified water in the world. This exceptionally pure water is then processed thru reverse osmosis, micron filtration and ozonation, which guarantees safety and purity.

Bottless Filtration Systems

Lambert’s is the exclusive distributor of the Wellsys system of bottless filtration

Our system Benefits:

  • Unlimited Water
  • Low Cost
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Is healthy for your body and employee

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